Phil Horlock - President and Chief Executive Officer
President and Chief Executive Officer

Phil Horlock has been Blue Bird's President and CEO since April 2011. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Horlock served as Blue Bird's CFO and Chief Administrative Officer, starting in January 2010. Before joining Blue Bird, Mr. Horlock spent over 30 years with Ford Motor Company, where he held senior executive positions in Finance and Operations worldwide. His last three positions with Ford were Chairman & CEO of Ford Motor Land Development, Controller of Corporate Finance, and CFO Ford Asia Pacific & Africa.

Steve Girardin - President of Micro Bird
President of Micro Bird

Steve Girardin is President and CEO of Micro Bird Inc, a joint venture between Blue Bird and the Girardin Family. Mr. Girardin has more than 25 years of innovation, manufacturing, sales, service and fleet operations experience in the North American bus industry. Mr. Girardin has spent the last 20 years successfully leading and transforming Micro Bird Inc into a North American market leader. Mr. Girardin also participates on various Boards and management committees for 2 Blue Bird dealerships and a leading Québec school bus operator.

Jeff Taylor - Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Taylor has been appointed Blue Bird’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as of June 1, 2020. Prior to joining Blue Bird, Mr. Taylor has spent more than 20 years in Finance and Accounting roles for manufacturing organizations spanning industrial equipment, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Most recently, Mr. Taylor was CFO at Wabash National Corporation, a $2.2 billion manufacturer of transportation equipment, for 6-years where he had responsibility for Finance, Accounting, Treasury, and Internal Audit, as well as Investor Relations and Corporate Development (M&A).

Tom Roberts - Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Administrative Officer

Tom Roberts was appointed Blue Bird’s Chief Administrative Officer in November 2015. Immediately prior to this appointment, Mr. Roberts advised Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company, LLC, an affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., as well as numerous portfolio companies, including Blue Bird, with respect to strategic, organizational, legal and compliance issues. Previously, from 2006 to 2008, Mr. Roberts served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Controls Group of Invensys, PLC, a global provider of automation and information technologies.

Trey Jenkins - Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer

Trey Jenkins was appointed Blue Bird's Chief Operating Officer in December 2019. Mr. Jenkins most recently served as the Senior Vice President of Operations at Blue Bird. Prior to that, he served in multiple leadership roles, including Vice President of Customer Service, Vice President of Alternative Fuels, and Vice President of Purchasing & Supply Chain for Blue Bird.

Paul Yousif - Vice President, General Counsel & Treasurer
Vice President, General Counsel & Treasurer

Paul Yousif was appointed the Company’s General Counsel and Corporate Treasurer in December 2016. From 2011 to February 2015, Mr. Yousif served as Vice President of Legal Affairs/Corporate Treasurer. Mr. Yousif has held the position of Corporate Treasurer since joining the Company in 2007.

Felix Lin - Vice President of Human Resources and External Affairs
Vice President of Human Resources and External Affairs

Felix Lin was appointed Blue Bird’s Vice President of Human Resources and External Affairs in December 2019. Prior to this appointment, Felix served as Executive Director of Human Resources.