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Propane is a very safe alternative fuel.

Propane is a very safe alternative fuel - both for the environment and the children that ride in our propane-powered school buses.
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Propane is a very safe alternative fuel. - Blue Bird School Bus

  • Propane autogas is safe for children and the environment.

    Propane is non-toxic and non-poisonous. It poses no harm to groundwater, surface water, or soil. It does not spill, pool or leave any residue when released, but dissipates into the air.
  • In its natural state, propane autogas is virtually odorless and colorless.

    In its natural form, propane has no scent, but a scent has been added (ethyl mercaptan) and is necessary to alert you that there is gas in the air. You will not smell propane as you drive down the road in this bus, unless there is a leak. This is for your safety.
  • Propane autogas does not ignite easily.

    Because it is released from a pressured container as a vapor, propane autogas can’t be ingested like gasoline or alcohol fuels. To put it simply, igniting propane gas in the air calls for very specific things to occur. The mixture of propane/air must contain 2.2 percent to 9.6 percent propane vapor. Any more, or any less than that, and the propane will not ignite. Plus, the source of ignition must reach 940 degrees Fahrenheit. In contrast, gasoline will ignite at only 430 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The fuel tanks used to house propane autogas are incredibly durable and thick.

    Propane autogas fuel tanks are 20 times more puncture-resistant than typical diesel or gasoline tanks. They are made from carbon steel, include vapor-tight enclosures around all lines and fittings, and are manufactured with an Overfilling Prevention Device (OPD) that ensures the fuel volume will be able to adjust with temperature variations. There is also a pressure release device in every tank should the pressure rise beyond safe levels.
  • The propane autogas engine fuel system is built with safety in mind.

    Our buses’ engine systems are fitted with safety devices and shut-off valves that function automatically if the fuel line ruptures, and all lines and hoses are protected to prevent damage from loose cargo which could be encountered in the vehicle interior.
  • The propane autogas tank mounting system is strong and secure.

    Even in 20g frontal impact, or 8g side or rear impact (which is twice the requirement specified in NFPA58), the propane tank will remain securely in place. It is also mounted between Blue Bird’s durable frame rails, which creates additional safety.
  • Fueling is safe and easy.

    Propane is 270 times more compact as a liquid than as a gas, making it safe and economical to store and transport. Wearing gloves and goggles is recommended when refueling (which is also recommended for CNG, diesel and gasoline fueling).
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At Blue Bird, safety is built-in.

At Blue Bird, we don't cut corners when it comes to safety. We build our buses with safety as the number one priority- always.

Blue Bird's custom designed one-piece roof bow system ensures safe student transportation.
Safety is Built in at Blue Bird
Blue Bird buses are built to pass the industry's most trusted safety tests. This is standard with our buses, not an option.

Our options are designed with safety in mind.

We're always thinking ahead when it comes to safety. Check out these safety features- they really are remarkable!

Our exclusive Blue Bird NextGen Seats gives you the ability to convert to multiple seatbelt options, easily and affordable.
Blue Bird was the first to market with Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, for School Buses. You have to see it to believe it!

We Stand Behind Our Quality with a standard 5-year, unlimited mile warranty on our Vision Propane Engine and Fuel Systems.

Ford Propane Engine for Blue Bird Vision - Vision Propane’s Ford engine, paired with the Ford 6R140 transmission and ROUSH CleanTech fuel systemThe Vision Propane’s Ford engine, paired with the Ford 6R140 transmission and ROUSH CleanTech fuel system, is certified to the low NOx level of 0.05 g/bhp-hr.

The performance of the engine relies on the transmission it works with. This is why Blue Bird has chosen to pair the Ford 7.3L engine with the proven 6R140 Ford transmission. This transmission was designed for the Ford 7.3L engine in order to deliver the best ratio of power and fuel economy.

The Blue Bird Vision Propane bus produces low NOx emissions. It is cleaner by composition, not complication.

Further adding to the quality of the Propane bus, there are less parts on a propane bus versus other fuel types, making maintenance costs lower while improving the lifespan of existing bus parts. Because liquid propane has less buildup then other fuel types, your parts are cleaner, longer.

Blue Bird's Vision buses are Built Better.

Our quality shows from the ergonomic driver’s cockpit to the industry’s largest bumpers for added safety and protection.

Quality is built-in to each bus we produce. A few examples are...

  • Improved window seals for ultra-smooth operation,
  • Easy windshield replacement, and
  • An engine compartment that’s readily accessible.

Blue Bird’s purpose-built chassis, specifically designed for bus applications, blends 90 years of innovation with unmatched value.

We make it easy to maintain with our superior technical training programs. ROUSH CleanTech also provides ongoing support through on-site or web-based technician training. To set up training, please contact your local Blue Bird dealer.

We pay attention to the details that deliver performance, and consistently explore ways to better our products. It’s part of Blue Bird’s continuous improvement culture.


Simply put, the Blue Bird Propane Vision is the Total Cost of Ownership winner.

Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership, or (TCO), allows you to select a bus with confidence, because you will know you are getting the best return on your investment.

TCO is determined based on...
  • Initial purchase price, taking into account...
    • Fuel costs over time
    • Maintenance costs over time
    • Projected bus lifespan

With these factors in mind, the Blue Bird Propane Vision bus is the clear winner when it comes to TCO. Here's why:

No costly diesel after-treatment systems are required to meet Environmental Protection Agency requirements with the propane engine. And, the cleaner-burning fuel translates to cleaner parts and longer life for the engine.

With the added bonus of federal and local rebates and incentives for alternative fuels, districts are saving up to $3,500 per bus annually on fuel and maintenance costs.

Propane, a domestically sourced fuel, averages 30% to 40% less than gasoline and about 50% less than diesel per gallon.

Engines fueled by propane autogas require:

  • Less oil by volume than diesel
  • No additional diesel emission fluids
  • No extra valve adjustments

The Vision Propane bus delivers economical training and easy maintenance that saves time because of:

  • Simplified emissions system
  • Proven performance 
  • Simple service strategy

To top it all off, the Blue Bird Vision Propane comes with a
5-Year, Unlimited Mile Powertrain and Fuel System Warranty.

Vision Propane’s Ford 7.3L V8 spark-ignited engine and durable 6R140 6-Speed Transmission Combo

The Vision Propane’s Ford7.3L V8 spark-ignited engine and durable 6R140 6-Speed Transmission have a long history of success, durability, and reliability in the commercial truck market. It’s no wonder that this Vision Propane engine comes with a 5-year, unlimited-mile warranty on the engine, transmission and entire fuel system.


Up to 83
27" Wide x 78" High/ Double electric outward opening (optional), Manual door (standard)
37" Wide x 52" High
90 3/4"
Ford 6R140 - 6 speed automatic
Varies by floor plan
Ford 7.3L with ROUSH CleanTech Propane Fuel System
16 1/4", 19 3/4", 25 3/4"
210, 240, 270 and 320 amps with 12 volts
122" - 128" excluding roof options
4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with 4-channel antilock brake system; Air drum and air disc brakes available
Soft ride front leaf spring suspension (Rating varies by capacity); Two-stage steel leaf rear spring suspension system (Rating varies by capacity); Air suspension available
Tilt & telescoping steering column
45" front overhang with standard steel bumper. Rear overhang varies by body length/wheelbase
Front axle (Rating varies by capacity)
Standard (usable) 67-gallon; optional 93-gallon located between frame rails in rear overhang; 47-gallon for 169" wheelbase
2 group 31 batteries, each battery rated at 12v, 700CCA & 185 minutes of reserve capacity
Rear axle with hypoid, single reduction gears with broad range of ratios available to optimize powertrain performance (Rating varies by capacity)
50 Degrees
11R22.5 (G) all-position radials
Up to 33,000 lbs.